Information about LVSC

LVSC is the National Association for Supervision and Coaching.

LVSC exists since 1980. With 2100 members, it is one of the biggest associations in professional coaching and supervision in the Netherlands. Read more about the history and development of Supervision and Coaching in the Netherlands.

LVSC is a member of:

  • ANSE, the Association of National Organisations for Supervision.

Members of LVSC have many options:

  • to attend the two-year congress
  • regional workshops and network meetings
  • a special website with acces to scientific articles anc columns
  • subscription (included) to the "Tijdschrift voor Begeleidingskunde". A journal full of practical scientific articles
  • professional registration in the LVSC-register
  • member services , for example discounts on insurance policies, journals and systems for e-coaching

Code of conduct

The code of conduct relates to the professional activities of the members of the LVSC and aims to guarantee the quality of supervision/coaching as carried out by supervisors/coaches (hereinafter to be called: professional counsellor) towards their supervisees/clients and towards the organisations with which these supervisors/coaches have an agreement.

Download the code of conduct 

Download the Complaints procedure

Professional Registration

At this moment there is no translation available of the regulations for LVSC professional registration. If you want more information you can look at the website/ beroepsregistratie, or send a message to

Information LVSC